Prague Czech Republic

Welcome to Prague, the largest city of the Czech Republic and the land of exquisite ART NOUVEAU.

Prague is undeniably the architectural gem of the world. From Art Nouveau Styles and Renaissance to Gothic and Baroque, it’s a city that keeps attracting more and more tourists every year (over 8 million visitors annually, out of which almost 7 million are foreigners).


Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the few things in Prague that is free and yet PRICELESS. Built in the 14th century, this beautiful bridge will certainly make you fall in love with the city.


Triptych Statues on The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge in the heart of Prague is lined with statues, standing on parapets on both sides. There are 30 of them altogether, plus one statue standing aside on a pillar at Kampa Island. Most of the statues are from 1706 – 1714.

Saint Christopher

The statue of Saint Christopher is installed on the south side of the Bridge.

St. John of Nepomuk

The statue of St. John of Nepomuk is the oldest statue on the Charles Bridge and probably the most famous. It was made by Jan Brokoff in 1683.

The Lovelocks on the Charles Bridge

Ahh! The symbol of eternal love aka the famous Lovelocks of Charles Bridge. If you too have that special someone with whom you want to solidify your love and have an unbreakable bond, this is the place to be. All you have to do is affix a padlock to the bridge and simply throw the key into the water and VIOLA! Your love is eternal – well, at least that’s what the local folks tell you.









Old Town Square

It’s the heart and soul of the city.  The Old Town Hall was built in 1338 as the seat of the Old Town administration. There is a unique astronomical clock in the striking Gothic tower. The clock dates from the 15th century.

Every hour between 9 am and 11 pm, a trap door opens and the twelve apostles appear. At that time, the front of the clock is full of crowds.


Castle Hill

The walk is worth the climb and the effort, the grounds are extensive and the views over Prague are worth the visit alone. Lots of history and things to see. Even on a cold day, the walk is worth it.

View from the Castle Grounds

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral This cathedral is a prominent example of Gothic architecture and is the largest and most important church in the country.  The cathedral is beautiful both outside and in. We loved the gothic architecture and statues. The stained glass inside is beautiful, but so are the gargoyles outside.



Powder Bridge

Powder Bridge is a Gothic tower in Prague, Czech Republic. It is one of the original city gates. It separates the Old Town from the New Town.

The State Opera House

The magical neo-Renaissance building with a mesmerizing interior, the State Opera House has a neo-Rococo decoration and a spacious auditorium. With its breathtaking beauty, there are not many better places where you can enjoy the art of ballet and opera.


Mucha Museum

Dedicated to the life and work of Alphonse Mucha, the Mucha Museum has a comprehensive collection of photographs, statues, drawings, pastels, lithographs, paintings, and personal memorabilia that will showcase the artistic vision of this great artist.

Alphonse Mucha

Alfons Maria Mucha, known internationally as Alphonse Mucha, was a Bohemian and Czech painter, illustrator, and graphic artist, living in Paris during the Art Nouveau period, best known for his distinctly stylized and decorative theatrical posters, particularly those of Sarah Bernhardt.

Best known for his art of beautiful women which will be portrayed in this coin series, Alphonse Mucha was the brains behind the “Mucha Style” which later became known as Art Nouveau which is French for new art.

Advertising Poster for Original Bitter

Advertising poster for Lefevre-Utile Biscuits Champagne

Advertising poster for Chocolat Ideal

Svatopluk Cech Bridge

Svatopluk Cech Bridge is an arched bridge that spans the Vltava River. Construction on the bridge commenced in 1905 and was completed in 1908, a beautiful Art Nouveau build the bridge looks amazing in its simplicity, making for some great photographic opportunities.


We crossed the bridge and the views from the bridge are awesome, this is the only bridge built in the Art Nouveau style of architecture in the Czech Republic and is most definitely well worth checking out if you are in the area.

John Lennon Wall

Yes, John Lennon is in Prague. Well, technically, he isn’t – but the first look at Lennon’s Wall will not only make you recall his ideas for peace but also ignite his ideology of free speech. The captivating graffiti-covered wall is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in your life, and the hundreds of notes on it are certainly worth reading.

Local Cuisine & Drinks

The local cuisine of Prague is something to die for. If you’re looking for recommendations, there is a
never-ending list of mouthwatering must-eat foods. So, if you’re on a mission to find amazing food
and drinks in Prague, you won’t have to travel to die for. Cheers!

Kolkovna Celnice

This is a popular restaurant because a lot of hotels recommend this place and locals also goes there too. The large selection of alcoholic drinks and foods. And don’t forget the Czech Beer!


Café Imperial

On the subject of foods and drinks, how can we forget one of the most popular and famous restaurants in Prague, Café Imperial. The cafe has been serving as a major tourist attraction for the past 100 years. Crowned by large street windows, the mosaic ceiling and ceramic wall tiling are one of the finest works of Art Noveau you’ll ever see in Prague.



If you’re planning to visit Prague, there is no shortage of things to do, see and eat. We hope you have the time of your life on your next travel. Cheers!

April 1-4, 2022