Travel With Us, Fellow Globetrotters!

Travel is a wonderful activity! Everyone has something to bring their mind at peace, a solace, a safe haven. For us, it has always been traveling.

Born and raised in San Francisco, we, Sandra and Frank O’Rourke worked our regular, 8 am-5 pm jobs. Because of the hectic work schedules, we could only manage traveling on our 2 week vacations every year, and we made sure to make the most of it.

We got our retirements in 2010 & 2012, and that is when we began chasing our dream- traveling.

Our Travels

Our very first trip together was in 2000. We took a Ski vacation to the Italian Alps, and made a stop in Venice. We met new people, visited beautiful places, enjoyed the delicious cuisine and were exhilarated by the whole experience. Pretty soon, our trips to new cities became quite routinely, and we decided to share our experiences with all of you!

From trying out new things, visiting sites, and enjoying our time, we love everything that comes with traveling. We love visiting art museums, historical sites, world heritage sites, taking cooking classes in the region, visiting wineries and vineyards around Europe, different regions in North/South/Central America, Asia and beyond.

Our aim of creating this website is to take you with us on a virtual journey to all the wonderful places we have visited.  Come with us while we visit our destinations in Asia, Canada, South America, Central America, Panama, Africa, Europe and the United States!  You can also read about our experiences with Art & Architecture, Food & Drink and Cruises!

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Your adventure is calling! xx